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I hope you will find what you are looking for about Djembes & West African Percussion. Together we make a musical, authentic workshop with African music in its roots.

Djembejos has a clean and simple website design, so it can offer you the best service possible. That is where I invest in.

With that in mind, I will do everything at my disposal to ensure I meet your expectations. With plenty to choose from, I am sure you will find what you are looking for.

My passion is West African Percussion, in particular djembe percussion, and I want to share my passion with anybody that has the same interest. Anyone can participate; no prior experience or education required. Having fun is what counts. Feel and experience the rhythm of your heart, as a group or as an individual.

- Workshops: EUR10.– per head

- Lessons: starting at EUR10.– per head (more info at the menu tab: ‘Lesson contents’)

- Repair work: price by mutual agreement.

Visit the portfolio to get an idea what Djembejos has done over time. And remember, playing together becomes more and more fun thanks to your participation!

Afterwards, if you wish so, you can enjoy the Surinamese, Indonesian or African cuisine. Djembejos will bring you into contact with his recommended caterer(s).

Feel free to browse through this website. If you have any questions or remarks, do not hesitate to contact me.

I hope to see you soon.                A’ Ni Ce!


New email address: info@djembejos.nl


Jos Schmeetz

Voldersdreef 87,

6216 TD Maastricht

The Netherlands



Chamber of Commerce number: 61734322.

VAT number: NL099231402B02

All mentioned workshop and lesson prices include VAT.

All mentioned repair work prices do not include VAT.

How did i become Djembejos?



In 1978, I started studying at the Teachers’ Training College for Primary Education in Heerlen. Besides teaching educational theory, they also spent a lot of time on teaching music.

In 2000, I was walking passed a museum called Afrikacentrum located in Cadier en Keer and I saw these African drums on display. One of the volunteers, Kodjovie, is a African from Togo who has been drumming since he was little.

“I want this”, I thought to myself, and I became an educational volunteer specialised in percussion at Afrikacentrum, which is now called Afrika Anders. I chose Jo Koreman as my teacher.

I also trained under several djembe master players from West Africa.


I participated in djembe training programmes of, among others, ‘Mama Afrika’ Lizzy Hammond and Kwasi Esson Seth Nunoo from Ghana, Pape Samory Seck, Pape Amadou Seck and Mamour Seck from Senegal, Ibro Konate from Guinea, and the unforgettable time in Mali and Burkina Faso with Barbara Bangoura from Guinea. Recently, I partook in a lesson from Raphaël Bley from Côte d’Ivoire and Sidiki Camara.

In 2007, I went on a training course in Mali and Burkina Faso for about three weeks. It was a great experience and I have gained new impressions in the Mecca of djembe percussion: the city of BoBo Dioulasso, which I can use in my own workshops. During my time there, I played together with and received lessons from Barbara Bangoura, among others. He is a member of Mamady Keita’s group Sewa Kan. Barbara is also the leader of the group Bolo Kan, and he has his own percussion school named Manding Foli. His passion for music, the music perception, and his character inspired me to, just like him, use percussion as a way to connect people. You can see Barbara on the photographs of my time in Burkina Faso.

Recently, I went to a full-day training course in Belgium. Besides it being an awesome programme, it was also a nostalgic day. Barbara remains one of a kind. He gives affordable workshops abroad from time to time. Enjoy.



Starting the year 2000, I can play the djembe so well that I teach and give workshops myself. I also repair damaged drums.

I have workshops and team building sessions for groups, adults, and youth. I also do school and kids parties.

Djembejos also has workshops for special people.

I have a long musical road ahead of me and I am curious to find out if I meet you on it, so we can enjoy, and most of all, play together.


After crisis tip:

Sometimes, companies offer their employees one of these workshops. You should look at how they loosen up at such sessions – the figures fly off into the distance!

Manager: “You become one with the music. Because you hold the drum between your legs or squeeze it against you, you get that feeling naturally. It all revolves around rhythm. You cannot help yourself; you have to move around. It becomes even more amazing when the doundoun, sangban, and kenkeni (bass drums) also play along.”

Workshops / lessons / repair work



(all workshop prices include VAT)


[] workshop: West African Percussion (duration of about 1.5 hours) in the Euregio, starting at EUR50.–

* company activity – depending on the wishes and motivation of the company, I change my story and the workshop content to match them.

* team building – play together, share together, be together!

* school party – also as a part of a themed week at school, and suchlike

* party – birthday, first Communion, bachelor party, etc.


Possible locations for a workshop (when available):

-          Chalet d'n Observant, bie d'r Lei, Maastricht

-          Kapelaan Lochtmanhuis, Maastricht

-          ‘t Förtsje, buurthuis Maastricht


Some examples at Djembejos:

Workshop  African percussion for adults, youth or kids; as a group EUR10.– per head.

Ask per email for the terms and your special wishes. For large groups is a reduced price available.


Kids party  depending on your wishes; starting at EUR50.–

+ an unique gift for the birthday boy/girl or the one who makes their first Communion.

+ everyone can participate.

+ per email: ask for the terms and write your special wishes.


For special people you can get a custom price offer. Ask for this per email with the mention of your wishes, reason, and (company) motivation.




[] Workshop: build your own djembe in one day.

When the new wooden bodies have arrived, the building can resume. Up-to-date information will be available here.

You can apply; the planning will be done in consultation.

Each workshop has a limited amount of entries.

Means of payment will be agreed upon, on a case by case basis after applying: sent your email to info@djembejos.nl

The cost depends, among other things, on the drum body and other materials.




[] LESSONS: Start spring 2019 – beginner course Play Djembe with Djembejos;

+ Thursday night 7.00PM – 8.30PM in Maastricht.

(lessons info click)




Tightening or replacement of the ropes, replacement of a damaged skin, welding of the rings, smoothing the edge of the play area, and general revision of the djembe.

Please contact me for the possibilities.

For example: the skin tears after years of playing. You can bring the djembe to Djembejos and the necessary dealings will be agreed upon in consultation.


For instance: the cost to attach a new skin will be EUR90.–  (excl. VAT)

Depending on the required work, Djembejos will call you when the djembe is ready.

If you want to, you can borrow a djembe during the repair. You only need to pay a deposit that you get back when the djembe and everything that came with it is returned.

The deposit can be deducted from the repair cost.

The quotation will be sent in writing after inspection of the djembe.


A' ni ce !

Jos Schmeetz

Voldersdreef 87, 6216TD Maastricht, The Netherlands




Having fun playing together is first and foremost!

A group lesson starts on a date yet to be announced.

It is possible to drop in mid-course.

It is not a issue if there is a difference in skill between the group members.


[] Lessons / course

For example: you want to do things together in a refreshing way.

This is now possible with a complete package from Djembejos!

It is fully customisable.


Discount at Djembejos:

The more, the merrier. And you can see that back in the form of a discount the more people from a family are starting a lesson cycle together.


Prior experience:

You do not have to have any previous experience to play the djembe. Nor do you have to had a musical education. You do not even have to be able to read notes.

It is about the feeling of the rhythm you get to experience when you play.



You can practise between lessons at your own tempo. Playing together is much more fun than playing alone.

At the next lesson, we pick up where we left, and I consider your experiences from the previous lesson and your practise. Playing together is much more fun than just practising.

The lesson and practise material will be individually tailored, so you can go forward at your own speed.


Djembe renting:

If you do not have your own djembe, you can rent one for EUR1.50 per lesson.

Would you like to bring the used djembe home with you, you pay EUR10.–  per week and a deposit depending on the djembe.

Your own location:

Do you have a location of your own for a Djembejos workshop? Ask for the possibilities.



Djembejos gives lessons, and workshops, at:

Chalet d'n Observant- Bie d'r Lei.

Address:  Lage Kanaaldijk 117, 6212 NA Maastricht, The Netherlands

It has a large parking lot. Free parking for participants.


Lesson contents


The first lesson cycle will start with the base elements for the djembe fola (players):

Pose – a number of tapping techniques, knowledge about the ‘birth’ of a djembe.

In the first lesson, we also start with a few rhythms,

and go over the beginning and end of a rhythm.

Solo play also gets a chance. And the doundouns participate too.

You will see that you can master this very quickly.



Spring course: Thursdays from 7.00PM till 8.30PM.

You can apply for the course or join partway via an written application.


In the next cycle, the techniques will be practised further

and new rhythms will be introduced.

Rhythms from the first cycle will be repeated.

You can play the bass drums yourself, too.



Custom prices for elementary and high schools are available at request.




A djembe course with Djembejos

Group lesson:

A lesson is 1.5 hours long à EUR10.–  per head excl. djembe.

If you do not have your own djembe, you can rent one for EUR1.50 per lesson.


Individual lessons:

A lesson is 1.5 hours long à EUR24.50 excl. the rent of a djembe.

If you do not have your own djembe, you can rent one for EUR1.50 per lesson.


Djembe rental or purchase:

If you do not have your own djembe, you can rent one for EUR1.50 per lesson.

Would you like to rent the djembe you used during the lesson, a lending fee à EUR10.–  per week and a deposit will be charged.

If you decide to buy the djembe during or at the end of the lesson cycle. The rent/deposit will be deducted from the purchase price!


Travel expenses for Time and Distance


In time per HOUR:

-          EUR10.–  per hour (travel duration incl. loading and unloading of the Djembejos van)


In distance per KILOMETRE:

-          EUR0.30 per Kilometre (vice versa)

The calculations and choice of the route is done via Google Maps.


Recommended catering


Make your djembe experience complete taking a culinary journey, before or after the workshop, with an authentic African or Surinamese or Indonesian meal/appetisers.

You make arrangements with the caterer and you have to pay for the cost yourself!

Catering on location.

Ask for the possibilities.

More info at the tab Djembe links.


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